How to use Nextdoor to sell your home.

How To Use Nextdoor to Sell Your Home

By Properly Team

If you haven’t heard of Nextdoor, think of it like Facebook for your neighborhood. Each homeowner can only access the site for their local area, so all the content is from neighbors and much more relevant than those rants about the lack of bike lanes in Wichita that your cousin posts about on Facebook.

While Nextdoor is great for finding a local babysitter, it can also make the process of selling your home and moving much simpler. Here are some ways Nextdoor can be useful throughout the home selling process:

When you’re de-cluttering your home to prepare for amazing listing photographs, you can get rid of any items you don’t want on Nextdoor; no 8-hour long yard sale needed. Use the “Classifieds” category to make a little extra cash from selling unwanted items or the “Free Items” category for that old couch you just want out of your house. Since all the postings are local, your neighbors will be much more likely to pick up your items.
Didn’t get around to painting your home a neutral color? Ask your neighbors for recommendations to find the most reliable contractors who’ve done work in your neighborhood.

Once your home is listed, show it off to not only your neighborhood, but other nearby residents as well who may be looking to move. Just post the link to your listing and 3-4 of your listing photos to the “General” section of the website. With Properly, you can actually track how many views your listing is getting in real time on your dashboard.

Most importantly, share the love! Let your neighbors know about your experience with any contractors using the “Recommendations” category.