Tips for lowering stress while selling your home

6 Tips to Make Selling Your Home Less Stressful

By Properly Team

Without question, selling your home can be a stressful time. After all, any time you have to pack up and transport your every worldly possession — there’s bound to be a few hiccups. But thankfully, there are several things you can do to make it easier:

  1. Start paring down your possessions:
    This may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you’ve lived in the house for more than a few years. But once you get started, you’ll quickly realize how cathartic clearing out can be. Start this process as early as you can and take it room-by-room. The trick is to be brutally honest with yourself. That treadmill that has been collecting dust for 8 years? You probably aren’t going to start using it now.
  2. Take a weekend to tackle a few small projects around the house:
    Take note of our word choice here: small projects. As we’ve talked about before, you should almost never upgrade your home before selling it because you’d be hard pressed to find a project that results in an immediate return on investment greater than 100%. Instead, focus on the small things you can do to help give your home an edge for listing photos and showings. Clean up the yard and lay down some pine straw if needed. Declutter your counter tops and mantles. Steam clean the carpet. If you aren’t sure what your home needs, you can always get some feedback from Properly. Schedule a free condition assessment and we’ll come out to your house and give you a detailed report with our advice.
  3. Work with experienced agents who keep you in-the-loop:
    Knowing you’ve got a team you can count on is sure to alleviate stress. As you navigate the world of offers, contracts, and negotiations, you want people on your team with experience who can demonstrate a solid track record. You should feel confident that your team will keep you properly updated and informed with quick communication throughout the process. It’s frustrating to feel ‘in-the-dark’ when feedback from a showing hasn’t been relayed or you’re waiting for an offer to be emailed. A great solution is to list with Properly. We’ve built a system that ensures sellers receive important communication in real-time – i.e. when showing requests/feedback comes in, an offer is submitted, or the house down the street goes on the market.
  4. Formulate a game plan for showings:
    Before you list your home, take a few minutes to formulate a game plan. Will your dog be crated or do you need to arrange a trusty walker? Are you going to keep your home alarm on or off? You might even set a few ground rules with your family, like having your kids keep the toys contained to one room for the time being. Keeping your home ‘show-ready’ isn’t fun, but keep in mind, it’s all temporary. As a frame of reference, the average number of showings per sold Properly house is 13.
  5. Prep for moving day wisely: Take measurements of your new place and decide which big items are staying or going. If you’re moving into a condo or townhouse, make sure there aren’t restrictions on dates or times you can move in. You may also need to reserve an elevator. Get quotes from from several moving companies. If you have a lot of stuff, make sure they deliver a quote in-person to decrease the chance of any surprise extra charges. Snap some photos of your furniture. In the worst case scenario, you want to make sure you can prove the scratch on your dining table wasn’t there pre-move.
  6. Don’t attend closing:
    You’re going to have more than enough on your ‘to-do’ list. That’s why Properly has developed strategic partnerships that allow our clients to close via a mail-out rather than wasting a few hours going to a closing table.