New Feature: Real-Time Showing Updates

By Properly Team

Showings can be the most painful part of the home selling process for any seller. At Properly, we’re always looking for better solutions to the pain points of selling a home and to make the transaction as transparent as possible. Today we’re happy to announce two new features available to Properly home sellers – real-time showing updates and showing duration insights.

Real-Time Showing Updates

Automatic notifications when you can head home after a showing

While it’s great to have showing activity, for most sellers that means a lot of time-killing car rides waiting for an hour or more before going back to an empty house, even though the potential buyers were only there for 20 minutes.

Properly home sellers now get automatic notifications once a showing has ended.

Using our proprietary integration with the lockboxes used on all of our listing, we’re able to let sellers know when they can head home, saving them time and a big tab at Starbucks guessing how long the showing is going to take.

Showing Duration Insights

Feedback, including how long the buyers spent in your home, delivered to your dashboard

So how long were those buyers in my home? Are most buyers spending a lot of time imagining their kids in the backyard and their furniture in the living room (a good sign), or do they turn around as soon as they get through the front door (probably time for a price reduction)?

At Properly, we already automatically collect showing feedback the morning after each showing and provide it to you, unfiltered, the instant we receive it. Now we’re taking it one step further, by letting you know how long those buyers spent in your home.

A buyer who spent 45 minutes in the home before deciding that they felt the rooms were too cluttered? Probably some valuation insight that it’s time to do some cleaning before the next showing. A 5 minute showing by a buyer that said they didn’t like the wall color? Don’t buy a paint brush quite yet.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the process of selling a home, and if you have any ideas we’d love to hear them – email us at [email protected] or text us at (844) 828-7355.

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