Why a Top National Realtor joined Properly

Why A National Top 3 Broker Is Joining Properly

By Ben Kubic

I’m excited to announce that Jude Rasmus and her team from the Rasmus Group in Atlanta are joining Properly. Jude has over 25 years’ experience as a real estate broker and has been rated in the Top 3 brokers nationally by number of transactions by the Wall Street Journal.

Ben Kubic, Co-Founder & CEO Properly

I’m Jude Rasmus and I couldn’t be more passionate about my role leading the broker and real estate operations for Properly. For the last 25 years, I’ve watched bank-owned real estate transactions move from paper reports that were overnighted to our clients to a complete online platform that managed the way we disposed of corporate owned assets. During that time my company has developed expertise in remotely valuing and selling homes on behalf of our clients. For a long time banks have been able to take advantage of the cost savings through our remote model, but I think the time has long past for the average consumer to get the same savings and simplicity.

I started a discounted retail brokerage in Atlanta in 2012 understanding the need for change in real estate – change that would be driven by technology. I didn’t listen to the broker councils, the National Association of Realtors and my professional peers when they defended the high percentage-based commission. I knew how much information our sellers had, they knew the value of their home and they knew it well. Homeowners responded, and sellers told their friends that “Rasmus did everything that my last broker did but they did it for far less.”

The best of both worlds came together when I found Ben and learned more about Properly’s technology, a website designed to manage the process for the seller. It became apparent just how powerful an agency could be that rewarded the seller for their knowledge of the market, willingness to drive the process and leverage our experience.  Most importantly, our consumers wanted to control when and where they interacted with us. In my 25 years, I know that consumers want control over the process, but also some support from experts.

This change for our industry is really unavoidable, but more importantly it is NECESSARY. Selling a home is the largest transaction most people make in their lives, and I’ve always believed it should be simple and transparent. I’m joining Properly because I know that real estate can be better and more affordable for the average homeowner, and I want to help bring about that change.