Properly FAQs

How Does Properly’s Fee Work?

You pay a flat $5,000 listing fee to Properly, plus a standard 3% commission to the buyer’s agent

A traditional broker charges a 6% commission, half of which goes to the listing agent, and half of which goes to the buyer’s agent. Our flat fee replaces that first half of the commission. Use your net cash calculator to see how commissions, your mortgage, and other expenses impact the check you’ll receive at closing.

Are There Any Upfront Fees?


We believe in only paying for results, so you don’t owe a dime until the day your home sale closes. If you decide to take your home off the market before it sells, just shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll take it off the MLS at no cost.

Do You List My Home On The MLS?


We list your home on all local MLSs (many markets have more than one), as well as the listing sites buyers are searching, including Zillow, Trulia,, and more.

What Is A Listing Consultation?

A listing consultation is a 15-30 minute phone call (that you can schedule ahead of time) that gives us a chance to learn more about you and vice versa.

We’ll talk about your valuation, local market, and selling timeline and answer any questions you have about us. The listing consultation comes with absolutely no obligation and can be done at any time while you’re considering listing. Most of of our clients schedule a listing consultation up to 60 days before they want to be on the market.

How Long is the Listing Contract with Properly?

Our listing contract is 90 days by default but you can cancel at any time by just giving us a call or sending a text or email. We only get paid at closing so you owe nothing if you cancel your listing prior to your home going under contract.

When Does Properly Visit My Home?

We’ll set up a 15-30 minute in-home condition assessment to provide a staging checklist and confirm pricing after your listing consultation.

During this in-home appointment, our field team will do a detailed walk-through video that our agent team will use to develop a detailed checklist to get your home ready for listing photos as well as confirm our pricing recommendation.

We don’t recommend a condition assessment for every home. We can usually confirm our pricing and provide staging recommendations without a condition assessment for properties that are standardized, like condos or townhomes, or have recent listing photos available.

How Quickly Can You List My Home?

We can list your home as quickly as you want to move.

We can have your home listed in as few as 2 days if you’re ready to move that quickly – we need one day for our professional photographer to come out and take great photos of your home. The photography appointment typically takes about an hour.

We also legally need a signed listing agreement before we can put your home on the MLS. We’ll send you that document to electronically sign before your home gets listed.

How Do Showings Work?

Our system automatically texts you when a buyer requests a showing and allows you to approve or reschedule the showing instantly.

We’ve built a lot of technology to make the showing process less intrusive for our clients. All of our listings receive a lockbox, which enables licensed buyers’ agents to show your home while you’re out. When an agent requests a showing, you’ll get a text message with the requested appointment time instantly, and you can respond with a quick “Yes” or “No”.

Typically, agents request showings about a day ahead of time, but sometimes they’ll ask to see your home with just a few hours notice. We ask that you be out of your house during the showing so the buyers and their agent can explore the property freely. Showings can last anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour.

How Do Offers Work?

Offers are delivered to you via email, along with our recommendations, and can be managed online.

Our agents add their analysis and recommendations to every offer that comes in before sending it to you via email. You’ll be able to view all elements of the offer on your dashboard (including closing costs, contingencies, and concessions) and issue your response online.

Have a question on an offer? Shoot us an email, text, or call at any time and we’ll be happy to talk!

Who Negotiates Offers?

We take care of the entire negotiation, including the offer and any issues that come up during closing.

Our team has negotiated over 20,000 home sales, and we use that expertise to get you the best possible price for your home. Once you’ve accepted our offer recommendation or entered your own counter, we negotiate directly with the buyer’s agent on your behalf.

What Happens If I Receive Multiple Offers?

We’ll pit agents against each other to elicit the best possible offer.

When multiple buyers make an offer on your home at the same time, we will almost always recommend you call for a “highest and best” situation. In this case, we’ll give a deadline to all interested buyers to submit their absolute best offer. This typically raises the final sale price of the home by a few thousand dollars (or more) and can produce more favorable terms, such as fewer closing costs or a shorter closing period.

After the deadline, we’ll compile, analyze, and present all the offers along with our recommendations. Depending on buyer interest, we may also recommend taking a backup offer, just in case any issues arise during closing.

What Happens If The Inspection Reveals Issues?

We take care of the negotiation with the buyer to limit repairs and credits

Almost every offer you receive will include a “due diligence” period. During this period (usually 7-14 days), buyers will hire an inspector to come to your home and assess it for any defects or potential hazards.

Buyers will often use the inspection report to compile a list of items they’d like repaired before closing the sale. This is another negotiation we’ll manage for you. We’ll often try to negotiate a repair credit in place of doing the work yourself. We’ve seen a number of cases where buyers and sellers have different opinions on what “fixed” means, which can cause headaches in getting the transaction to close.

What Happens If My House Doesn’t Appraise For The Sale Price?

We explain all the options and negotiate with the buyer on your behalf

An appraisal contingency (which will be in every offer backed by a mortgage), allows your buyer to back out of the deal if an appraiser deems your home to worth less than the agreed upon price. This most often happens in hot markets where sale prices are rising very quickly.

If your home appraises for less than that the sale price, we’ll discuss the potential options with you, such as adjusting the sale price or requesting the buyer make up the difference in cash, and take care of the negotiation with the buyer.

How Many Square Feet Does My House Have?

If we predict appraisal issues ahead of time, we’ll negotiate with buyers to agree in their offer to make up the difference between the sale and appraised price in cash.

The MLS only considers above-ground, habitable square footage.

When listing square footage in the MLS, we’re required to use documents from your builder, appraiser, or tax assessor as a source. If you’ve done some renovations and we think there is a big discrepancy between your last assessment and the current layout of your home, we may recommend that you get a new appraisal.

If you have a great finished basement or extra garage space, don’t worry. We’ll note any additional square footage in both the MLS description and highlight those spaces in our listing photos so buyers and agents can see it.

Do You Hold Open Houses?

No. We don’t hold Open Houses and realtor caravans because we don’t believe they actually help sell your home. Open houses bring in a lot of people who are just looking. According to the National Association of Realtors just 3% of buyers attend Open Houses. Typically folks at Open Houses are not currently working with an agent so the hosting agents use this as a way to sign up new clients. Check out our Properly Insider article on why Open Houses Don’t Work here.

Do You Handle Rentals?

We don’t handle rentals, but we do work with a lot of agents who do. Email us with what you’re looking for and we will put you in touch with one of our preferred partners may be able to find what you’re looking for.