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How to Expose Your Home to an Extra 1,000 Potential Buyers


If you’re like us, you already spend more time than you should on social media. While these networks may seem like a time suck, they actually have a profound impact on your ability to reach potential buyers. Your personal network, on average, extends to about 634 people. Each of those connections, in turn, knows another 634 people. Content goes viral in a network when each person who sees the content shares it with an average of at least one other person. This is a very powerful concept that can be used to market your home.

So how do you personally expose 1,000 people to your listing? Simple – just make sure at least one of your friends shares your listing on Facebook. Content that gets shared on Facebook at least once gets shared, on average, 14.8 times in total. Since the average Facebook user has 200 friends, and each post gets seen by about 35% of a user’s friends, getting one share on your listing will net an average of 1,036 views (feel free to do the math yourself).

Of course, this hinges on you sharing your listing on your social media pages in the first place. At Properly, we make that step really simple:

How do I share my listing on social media?

  1. Log into your Seller Dashboard (we’ll email you the link once your listing is live)
  2. Click on each social media icon in the “Market Your Home” section
  3. Ask your friends to share/retweet/pin your listing
  4. That’s it – you’re finished. There is no Step 4.

You’ll be able to see how often your listing is shared on each network. You’ll have at least two shares – we always shares our new listings on all our social media networks as well. You’ll also be able to see how many people are viewing your listing in real-time.

How can I increase the spread of my listing even further?
Most social networks rely on user engagement to determine how often a post appears. On Twitter, for example, posts that get retweeted get exposed to a wider audience. Posts that don’t garner any engagement quickly disappear. Ask your friends to like and share your post to ensure it reaches the widest possible network. Remember, each Facebook share brings an average of 70 additional views, all of whom could be a potential buyer.

If you haven’t listed yet, head over to our website and get an expert home valuation and see how we make the home selling process simpler. With Properly’s new social media sharing and tracking tools, you can use your social media presence to get wider exposure for your listing and get your home sold faster.